The Suite Motorhome - The Ace of Space


Mike Brown & Kathy Hart share how they've made the most out of the spacious Glider 4 as they tour around the South Island on their 12th Wilderness adventure. 

After 12 trips to New Zealand touring in a variety of Wilderness Motorhomes, the quality and unique design of each new model has always impressed us. However, we were unprepared to be TOTALLY blown away by the luxurious The Suite!

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Those clever European designers have clearly excelled themselves this time. Sporting a similar external length to the other 4 berth models in the Wilderness fleet, the creative arrangement of internal fixtures has effectively doubled the livable space inside The Suite.  Making it the motorhome equivalent of the Swiss "multi-tool" pocket knife!

So how did we utilise all this space?

Her space


With the ability to retract the rear double bed up into the ceiling, the entire rear of the motorhome becomes  a spacious living room during the day. I took ownership of this space early in our trip. Using the onboard Wi-Fi, I set up my laptop to connect with family or check emails on my mobile phone. Often I just stretched out and relaxed with a book or sipped on a glass of wine.  By night, when Mike wanted to stay up late, I simply lowered the rear bed down, closed off the sliding door and snuggled up for the night in the peace and quiet of my own cosy bedroom.

His space


Mike was in his element on the table up in the front dining area. With the 240v inverter to charge our camera & drone batteries, he backed up all our daily images and video footage to USB. Mike also liked to watch movies late at night. When he was ready for sleep, he simply lowered the front double bed. When waking well before the dawn to shoot the sunrise, Mike simply raised his bed and organised his camera gear in the front all without disturbing me snoozing away in the rear bed. Sweet!

Our space


Upon arriving at our destination we liked to relax together with a glass of wine and cheese. Often sitting outside in our folding chairs, whilst we enjoyed watching the sun setting over the ocean.

When the Autumn weather turned a little cool or damp outside, the rear living room of the motorhome provided a cosy alternative space to enjoy the view.


The three large windows in the rear of The Suite gave us panoramic views at each location. We reversed into our campsite so we could fully appreciate the view at day's end and upon rising the following morning.

Practical space

There were so many cupboards and drawers, but my all time favourite cubby was the clever slide-out pantry in the kitchen that made excellent use of otherwise dead space. Plus there were hooks and racks supplied for the tea towels and dish cloths. Putting makeup on each day was a breeze with excellent lighting and a large mirror in the compact private bathroom.


So if you are seeking luxury and space, then look no further. Let the Wilderness - The Suite drive you to the stars on your next New Zealand motorhome adventure!


Read more about The Suite here.
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