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Guide to Choosing a Wilderness Motorhome

Choosing the right motorhome to rent on your New Zealand holiday of a lifetime is super easy. At Wilderness, we have a niche selection of impressive recreational vehicles — each with different layouts, sleeping configurations and truly unique features.

In this guide, we’ll highlight why your best choice is a Wilderness motorhome, introduce you to each motorhome in our fleet, and suggest which motorhome would ideally fit your travel party.

We’ll also point you in the direction of our handy motorhome selector tool and finish up by covering some queries you may have.

Whether you’re travelling solo or with a partner, family or friends, we have just the right motorhome for your New Zealand escape.

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Why Choose a Wilderness Motorhome?

New Zealand motorhome rentals vary in both quality and size. At Wilderness, our range of premium motorhomes for hire feels more like a home-away-from-home than a vehicle to get you from A to B.

We endeavour to make every Wilderness experience a truly memorable one. From your first interaction with us, until after the time you drop off your motorhome, we aim to offer incomparable service and guidance to help you leave ordinary behind.


The feel of a hotel on wheels


Think of a Wilderness motorhome as a hotel room on wheels, with:

  • Super comfortable fixed beds — made up and ready to go
  • A full-service bathroom — with both toilet and shower
  • A kitchen — fully equipped and easy to use
  • Quality linen — extra comfort and warmth during the night
  • Full insulation and central heating
  • Automatic transmission
  • Storage space — heaps of room to store all the toys you want for your memorable holiday.

You’ll always be comfortable on your travels, whatever the season.


The convenience of made-up beds


It’s your New Zealand holiday-of-a-lifetime! You’ve planned to hire a motorhome for the comfort and ease of transport and accommodation all in one package. The last thing you want to do is make the bed each day — then pack and store it away again the next morning.

You’re looking for super comfortable fixed beds that are made up and ready to go.

Many standard motorhome rentals have a combined lounge and dining area, sometimes doubling as the master bedroom. With this setup, you’ll need to convert the seats into a bed each evening — then back to seats the following day.

The advantages of having your motorhome beds made up include:

  • Sheets already in place
  • Comfy mattresses rather than converted seat cushions — for a superior sleep experience
  • Minimal work — at most, you may need to press a button to lower your fold-down bed before putting the pillows in place.



The connection of onboard WiFi


The benefits of being connected to family and friends while you’re on your special campervan adventure can’t be understated. But there’s a difference in New Zealand between having mobile data as you travel around, and enjoying onboard WiFi as you explore roads less travelled.

By choosing a motorhome rental with onboard WiFi, you’ll get:

  • An easy, more economical solution — particularly if you’re sharing the cost amongst your group
  • Reliable access to the internet — on multiple devices at the same time
  • Outside connectivity — up to 20 metres away from your motorhome.

All Wilderness motorhomes have WiFi permanently installed. If you prefer to have access to onboard WiFi, you can book it before your trip — or add it on during your holiday.

Each Wilderness motorhome also features SmartTV but you need to book WiFi with us to use it. Take a look at our unlimited WiFi and SmartTV offer.

Discover, plan or share your experience effortlessly while you’re off-the-grid. Find out more about onboard WiFi in your Wilderness motorhome.



The charging power of an inverter

Intending to go off-the-beaten-track on your adventure camping in New Zealand? If so, look for a premium motorhome rental with an inverter.


The inverter’s job is to convert power from your 12 volt (V) house battery to 240V when you aren’t plugged into mains power. It will let you operate some of your equipment from the 12V house battery.


Your motorhome will usually have a single power point that’s connected to the inverter for charging personal items like your:

  • Phone and camera
  • Tablet and laptop.


Find out everything you need to know about motorhome power.



The freedom of a self-contained motorhome without road restrictions


In addition to these luxurious amenities, our motorhomes are certified self-contained (CSC) which means you can camp responsibly wherever freedom camping is permitted.


We encourage you to travel the best of New Zealand. That includes getting off-the-beaten-track, which means unsealed (gravel) roads can be on your radar.

With a Wilderness motorhome, you’ll experience New Zealand’s great outdoors just like it was meant to be done.

Find out more about why travelling in a Wilderness motorhome is a cut above the rest.

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The Wilderness Motorhome Fleet

We offer a modern fleet of motorhomes which each have features to suit different travel groups. Take a look at our categories below.

Compact for 2


The Compact for 2 is our smallest two berth motorhome. It’s ideal if you want to travel almost anywhere without compromising on comfort. At just under six metres long, it’ll fit into every standard parking space and will easily tackle narrow, winding roads.

Our Compact for 2 is:

  • Easy to drive — you’ll feel like you’re driving a car on the open road and around town 
  • Ready-made — featuring a permanent double bed to crash on as soon as you park up
  • Spacious — the lounge is designed for relaxing after your day spent exploring.

Find out more about the Compact for 2.


Compact Plus


For a compact motorhome with the biggest bed, choose the two berth Compact Plus. There’ll be no need to climb over your partner when hitting the sack or waking up.

Our Compact Plus is:

  • Flexible — set up as twin single beds if you prefer to sleep separately
  • Supersized — request a king (2m x 1.95m) when you prefer to sleep together
  • Easy to drive — you’ll feel like you’re driving a car on the open road and around town.

Find out more about the Compact Plus.


Double for 2


The Double for 2 is one of our most popular motorhomes, primarily due to its roomy layout. It’s a two berth motorhome with a permanent made-up bed. Our Double for 2 is:

  • Accessible — the comfortable island bed is so easy to jump in and out of
  • Private — a sliding door divides your bedroom from the living area
  • Comfy — the lounge and kitchen area invites you to kick back and relax, or cook up a storm and celebrate.

Find out more about the Double for 2.


King/Twin for 4


The King/Twin for 4 is our best choice for families. You’ll get to relax and chat in the lounge while the kids are asleep in their own twin beds at the rear.

The King/Twin for 4 is:

  • Flexible — twin single beds are an option for the kids to sleep while you entertain in the living area
  • Supersized — when the bed’s configured into a king measuring 2m x 2m 
  • Spacious — the drop-down bed tucks away in the ceiling above the lounge when not in use.

Find out more about the King/Twin for 4.


Double for 4


The Double for 4 is a four berth motorhome with a private bedroom like the Double for 2. It’s designed to make group holidaying relaxing and easy.

The Double for 4 is:

  • Spacious — the second double bed tucks away when not in use so you can bring along your besties without feeling cramped
  • Comfy — the lounge and kitchen area invites you to kick back and relax, or cook up a storm and celebrate
  • Private — a sliding door divides your bedroom from the living area

Find out more about the Double for 4.


The Suite


If indulgence is your main priority, look no further than our top-of-the-range Suite. It has all the luxury, comfort, style, and space you could ever dream of in a four berth motorhome.

The Suite is:

  • Supremely spacious — two hidden, hotel-style double beds tuck away into the ceiling by day
  • Roomy — you’ll enjoy two lounge spaces for chilling out and resting
  • Uber comfy —  three large windows offer superb views from the cosiness of your L-shaped sofa
  • Luxurious — the partitioned shower and bathroom areas give you ample room to refresh.

Find out more about The Suite.

For a closer comparison between our motorhome categories, download our motorhome comparison chart and read our article on choosing the right motorhome rental for you.

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Which Wilderness Motorhome Best Fits your Travel Group?

You may still be wondering which motorhome will work best for your travel plans. Take a look below at our top picks for different kinds of travel groups.


Top picks for families


If you’re travelling as a family, rest assured that all of our motorhomes have four seat belts. And we can easily secure a child restraint for you to either of the two seats in the living area.


Two adults and a baby

One option for families with a baby is the King/Twin for 4. The rear beds can be set up as a wall-to-wall king bed, which is big enough for the whole family if you’re ok with co-sleeping.

Another popular request for families with two adults and a baby is the Compact Plus. Although a little less roomy, when set up in the king bed configuration, it’s spacious enough for co-sleeping.

For more info, check out our top ten tips for campervan travel with a baby. 


Two adults and two kids


In some families, kids don’t mind sharing a double bed when on holiday. For others, that just doesn’t work. If you’re a family of two adults travelling with two children who need separate beds, the King/Twin for 4 is your ideal choice. It can be easily set up with two single beds at the rear.

If your kids are happy to share a bed on holiday, the Double for 4 is a great option. Having the bed drop down from the ceiling may even add to their excitement!


Two adults and a toddler or young kid


Many families with just one child choose the King/Twin for 4.

If you and your kid are content to co-sleep, we recommend the King/Twin for 4 with the king bed configuration in the rear. Alternatively, go for the two single beds set up in the back and use the drop-down double bed above the lounge for the third family member.

Find out more about Wilderness motorhome travel with children and how to plan a kid-friendly motorhome holiday.

If you’re still unsure which layout is best for your family, our friendly reservations team is happy to talk through your options.


Top picks for couples


If you’re travelling as a couple, you’ll be able to select from the complete Wilderness motorhome range as all vehicles will suit your needs.

Our most popular model for couples is the Double for 2 — mainly due to how easy it is to use the island bed.

If you want a bigger bed and don’t mind it being slightly less accessible, our Compact Plus is the way to go. It’s also ideal if you’re a couple (or friends) who want to sleep in separate beds. The Compact Plus is also popular with couples who prefer a slightly smaller motorhome that’s a bit easier to drive.

If you prefer to drive a motorhome that feels similar to a car, the Compact for 2 is a smart choice. It’s our shortest motorhome at just under six metres and features a double corner bed.

For something a little roomier or if you really want to splash out, choose The Suite. Our penthouse model is the most spacious motorhome available for rent in New Zealand. That’s because both beds tuck away in the ceiling when not in use, leaving you loads of floor space.


Top picks for singles


As a solo traveller, any of our Wilderness motorhomes will work for you.

The Compact for 2 is our most popular model for people travelling on their own as it has plenty of space for one and is super easy to drive. It moves like a car and will fit in most parking spaces.

It may be compact, but there’s still plenty of space to invite your friendly neighbours from the next campsite over for dinner.


Top picks for friends


Wilderness motorhomes are also intended for friends travelling together who don’t necessarily want to share a bed. Some options include the:

If you’re holidaying as a group of three mates, the King/Twin for 4 can host three people in individual beds — two in singles and one in a double.

Curious about how our Wilderness motorhome interiors look? Check out this awesome selection of motorhome interior videos from our past travellers.

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Considerations When Choosing a Motorhome

Your bed layout may be at the top of your list when choosing a dream rental motorhome. But there are a few other things to think about before you make a final call.


How many of you are travelling?


Even before you decide where everyone will sleep, you need to ensure there are enough seatbelts for all. Under New Zealand law, all passengers (including babies and children) must be secured in their own seatbelt.

Kids under seven must travel in an approved child restraint. You can bring your own or hire one of our child restraints.

Only choose a motorhome with enough seatbelts for everyone in your group. Our Compact for 2, Compact Plus and Double for 2 each have two seatbelts — for two travellers.

Our King/Twin for 4, Double for 4 and The Suite each have four seatbelts — and can therefore take four travellers.


What type of bed do you prefer?


Rental motorhome beds usually need to be assembled using the lounge cushions. Not here at Wilderness. If you don’t want to put your bed together every night from a couch, you’re looking at the right motorhome rental company.

All of our beds are hotel-style and come made-up and read to sleep in. Most Wilderness motorhomes have at least one fixed bed.

When there’s more than one bed, the spare is usually tucked into the ceiling during the day and easily released at night. You won’t have to sleep on the couch.

The types of beds we use in our Wilderness motorhomes are:

  • Island beds — they’re fixed to the floor and can be accessed from both sides
  • Corner beds — these are fixed to the floor and also known as French beds
  • Drop-down beds — they lower from the ceiling at the push of a button or manually.

See this great example showing how a Wilderness motorhome drop-down bed is ready for your weary body within seconds.


How much indoor living space will you need?


Think about the time of year and how you plan to spend your time while on the road. Then answer these questions:

  • What season are you planning to travel in?
  • Are you intending to freedom camp often?
  • Will you only need the motorhome at night?
  • Do you plan to mainly eat out or cook meals in the motorhome?

Are you taking any oversize items?


Do you need storage space for a stroller, surfboards, snowboards, fishing gear or golf clubs?

All our rental motorhomes have ample storage space inside as well as storage that’s accessible from the outside. Space in the external locker (aka garage) can vary between models so it pays to check if there’s enough room to store everything you want to take with you.

If you’ll be travelling with some bulkier items, talk to our team for their advice.


Do you have any special requirements?


Are you planning to travel with a baby or an elderly person? We have child restraints available so you don’t need to bring your own.

Some of our motorhomes have larger living areas to make moving around simpler, or for enjoying family time. Larger bathrooms and island beds can be easier for older travellers to access.

Everyone has different needs and wants while on holiday. If you’re not sure if our motorhomes cater to yours, please don’t hesitate to contact our awesome reservations team with any questions.



A road trip with Wilderness is an amazing way to see all that New Zealand has to offer. Book your accommodation and transport easily by making just one decision. A luxurious home-on-wheels means you can go wherever you want, whenever you want — enjoying special moments on the road.

Take our motorhome selector quiz to find out which motorhome is best for you.

Check out our inside tour videos to see what it's like to travel New Zealand in a Wilderness motorhome.

Find the perfect motorhome.

Wilderness motorhomes offer different styles and comfort. Download our motorhome comparison chart
to find the motorhome that will best fit your travel needs.