WiFi in Your Wilderness Motorhome

This month we are rolling out wireless internet for our motorhomes. While a road trip is often about switching off from the world, it is great to be able to still connect with friends and family and share your travel pictures, videos and stories while you are on the road. Being connected also helps you research where to go and what to do while you are on the road.

Our new in-vehicle WiFi will allow you to connect up to 20 devices, and with a range of about 20 metres, you will be able to use your device sitting outside sipping a wine and enjoying the NZ wilderness at the same time. It will work with any device that has inbuilt WiFi capability, and as it operates over the cellular network you can connect anywhere there is mobile coverage.

You can reserve your WiFi unit and pay for your WiFi data plan on My Booking page. We strongly recommend you reserve your WiFi as early as possible as we have a limited supply.

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