Motorhome Basics - Entertainment


You’ll find plenty to see and do as you explore New Zealand, but it’s good to know that your Wilderness motorhome comes with some extra entertainment options too. (Especially handy if the weather turns bad, or you need to keep the kids happy!)

All of our Wilderness motorhomes have a stereo in the driver’s cab with a radio and AUX cable, CD player, Bluetooth and USB ports. There’s also a handy phone holder if you’re using online maps while driving.


In the main living area, we've fitted an LCD screen with a DVD player just for you in case the weather takes a turn or you just want to cuddle up with a movie. You can bring your own DVDs or hire some from our base when you pick up your motorhome (DVD hire is free with VIP insurance). If you don't have DVDs, make sure you save your favourite shows and movies onto a USB flash drive or external hard drive before leaving home (don't forget a cable) so you can take advantage of the screen. Travelling with little ones? Don't forget to save their favourite shows on your USB devices too. 

We offer onboard WiFi as an extra, which is really handy for keeping in touch with friends and family (and downloading more books to your Kindle) while you're on the road. This will work up to 20m from your campervan. You can have multiple devices connected to the WiFi at once.


Recharging your devices is easy in a Wilderness motorhome. You can use the USB port in the driver’s cab, or simply plug your charger into one of the motorhome’s sockets. Remember: you need to be plugged into mains power to use the power sockets, so if you’re freedom camping just use the power inverter, which runs off the house battery and can power items up to 600w. You can find out more about how the power in your motorhome works here


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