Premium Motorhome Rental Inclusions, Fees and Add-ons

What Should be Included in Your All-inclusive Motorhome Hire

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Comparing premium motorhome rentals and campervan hires goes far beyond simply looking at the daily rate.

Terms and conditions differ, costs can be hidden or added later when booking, insurances vary, accessories may not be included and some services can have fees or surcharges.

In this article, we go over what makes a motorhome hire company premium. Plus, we discuss standard inclusions, common add-ons, insurance, liability reduction and fees to be aware of.



What makes a motorhome rental company premium?

Companies offering premium motorhomes for hire have a number of key distinctions that raise them well above the level of standard rental operators.


Quality of the fleet and its construction

You should expect to find a modern fleet of high-quality recreational vehicles — and these RVs will often be built with superior materials and skill.

The fleet will be well maintained, thoroughly cleaned, and have contemporary features and amenities. It may contain a range of vehicles that come from manufacturers with a reputation for:


  • Excellent construction and drivability
  • Durability and longevity
  • High quality beds
  • User-friendly layouts
  • Luxurious interiors.

Interior design and layout of a motorhome


Well appointed design

The exterior and interior of a premium motorhome operator’s fleet will be more modern and stylish. The vehicles could feature sleek lines, high-end finishes and attention to detail to embellish their overall aesthetic.


Brand reputation

Internationally-recognised brands with a history of excellence in the industry and a record of delivering reliable vehicles are more likely to be offered by premium motorhome rental operators.

The reputation of the operator is linked to the reliability and quality of the RV brands it offers for hire — and the customer service it provides.


Customer service

Prioritising attentive customer service is a standout attribute of any premium motorhome rental company. You should expect:

  • Personalised assistance — throughout the rental booking process
  • A thorough orientation of the motorhome
  • Time to ask questions and gain clarification — on how parts of your motorhome hire work
  • Roadside assistance — from dawn until evening
  • Attentive service — that goes the extra mile to help you enjoy your holiday.


Handing over a motorhome to a guest at the Wilderness base


Comfort and convenience

Premium motorhome rental companies are dedicated to making every customer’s experience memorable. They’ll want you to feel supremely comfortable, and your adventure to be easy and convenient by offering:

  • Made up beds — the ultimate representation of comfort and convenience in a motorhome where you won’t have to worry about organising bedding
  • Luxurious features and amenities — like high-quality furniture, appliances, bedding, entertainment, lighting and fixtures
  • A spacious layout — with an advanced heating and climate control system
  • Technology — via touchscreen panels, smart home systems, advanced navigation and enhanced connectivity to WiFi
  • Plenty of smart storage space options.



You should expect modern safety systems when hiring a premium motorhome or campervan. It should have all the driving comfort and safety features you’d get in a modern car, such as a rearview camera, an advanced braking system, stability control and a collision warning system.

The rearview camera is particularly important as reversing into obstacles is the most common type of damage from motorhome hires. Look for a reversing camera with a wide field of view and a display screen with high resolution.



Hidden costs can be frustrating when you’re planning a holiday around a certain budget. You’ll likely find that premium motorhome operators are more transparent about their costs — including most charges in their base rates.

If you want to stay connected while on your motorhome holiday, you may want to add onboard WiFi. If you intend on riding some trails, seek out a bike rack. If you plan to ski, look for snow chains.
Some rental operators keep snow chains in their motorhomes so that they're available if the weather changes — even if you weren't planning to drive in snowy conditions.

Find out whether onboard WiFi or mobile data is the best solution for your road trip.


Extra services

A rental experience can be elevated when extra or unexpected services are part of the package. Such services could include:

  • Providing airport or hotel transfers
  • Pre-stocking a few kitchen supplies
  • Having outdoor accessories available — like camping chairs, a table and even a barbecue.

If you choose a mid-range or a budget motorhome hire, expect a lower standard of vehicle and service.

Learn more about luxury campervan hires in New Zealand and travelling in the ultimate premium motorhome — The Suite.


Group of travellers with their motorhome and outdoor table and chairs

Inclusions in a standard motorhome rental

Regardless of which category of motorhome you choose to rent in New Zealand, there are some items that are always included, such as:

  • Kitchenware — like pots, pans, cups, plates and utensils
  • Towels
  • Bedding — sheets, pillows, pillowcases, a duvet and a blanket.



What to expect in a premium all-inclusive motorhome hire

Better quality usually comes with a more premium product. To experience a great night’s sleep in a motorhome, you’ll need exceptional quality mattresses, linen, duvets and pillows — and a premium RV should provide those.

Below we’ve outlined what to expect to have included in a premium motorhome — like the ones you can hire from Wilderness.

Wilderness Motorhome Inclusions *








Airport transfers



Toilet paper

Full gas bottle


Cups and glasses

Water refilling hose

Fire extinguisher


Pots and pans

Toilet chemicals

Travel e-guidebook

Pillow cases



Dishcloth and brush

Clothes hangers

Cooking utensils


Dustpan and brush




Clothes line and pegs


Coffee plunger


Matches or lighter


Tea towels


*As at June 2023


Quantity is as important as quality. Expect two towels for each passenger plus a bathroom mat. And if you’re on the road for more than a couple of weeks, make sure you get an extra set of linen and towels.

If you decide to rent a premium motorhome, you should only have to bring your own food, clothing, personal electronics and any outdoor toys. Items like those in the table above should be included in your hire.


Oven and kitchen area in a motorhome

Learn everything you’ll need to know about motorhome power.


Flexible cancellation terms

The world post-covid has altered what’s normal when it comes to flexibility for you as a traveller — especially when you change or cancel a booking. However, this isn’t the case in the motorhome hire industry.

Take a close look at what each rental operator is offering until you find the flexibility you need. Flexible terms to cancel or change reservations vary across the industry.

Some hire companies may charge a fee for cancellations made up to two months before your hire start date. Others may impose the fee only if you cancel within seven days before pick up. It's also important to be aware of any variations in the cancellation period between high and low seasons.


Gain a better understanding of motorhome companies’ terms and conditions.


Going through the paperwork at the motorhome base


Insurance and liability reduction for peace of mind

Hiring a motorhome or campervan in New Zealand comes with comprehensive insurance cover as it’s required by New Zealand law. You can expect this to be included in your daily rental fee.

Similar to other types of insurance, like for a car, your motorhome insurance will have an excess or a deductible. This means that if there’s any damage to your RV, you’ll be liable for a certain amount — usually up to $7500 for each incident.


The benefits of choosing zero excess liability

Consider purchasing a liability reduction option or an excess waiver to give yourself peace of mind while travelling. Liability reduction options reduce your financial liability in case you have an accident or cause damage to your all-inclusive motorhome hire.

Some operators will offer complementary items when you choose their zero excess liability option.

These can include:


The example below from Wilderness shows the type of insurance options that might be available when booking through a premium motorhome operator.


Wilderness Motorhome Insurance Options *





No additional costs



Significantly reduces your liability



Zero liability including windscreen and tyre cover — plus extras such as a barbecue, child seat and snow chains


*As at June 2023


Find out which motorhome insurance option would suit you best.



Fees and charges to keep in mind

You’ll know that you’re dealing with a premium motorhome hire operator if there aren’t any hidden fees or charges — ones that appear later in the booking process.

Standard motorhome or campervan rental companies often add:

  • Surcharges for public holidays
  • Fees for additional drivers
  • Charges for one-way hires. 

This can be frustrating and significantly increase your total hire cost. Credit card fees usually have the most substantial impact on the end price of your rental — but they’re common in New Zealand and can vary widely.

If you’re choosing to book through a premium motorhome rental company, expect similar additional charges as those outlined below.

Wilderness' fees and surcharges *

Type of fee or surcharge

Cost when taking the VIP option

One way travel


Road user charges (RUC)


Toll roads


Extra driver


LPG refill (under VIP insurance option)


Public holiday








Roadside assistance


*As at June 2023


Bike rack on the back of a motorhome

Add-ons to influence your choice

When booking a motorhome holiday online, the most common add-ons you’ll encounter are the insurance and a one way fee. You’ll usually find these near the end of the booking process.

Shop around to compare which add-ons are available from each operator — but expect to be able to purchase items like booster seats, snow chains, bike racks and unlimited WiFi.

Watch out for add-ons like a full gas bottle on pickup. Although likely to be included in a premium operator’s base rate, it may be payable when hiring through a standard motorhome company.

Some motorhome rental companies prefer to promote a lower base rate to attract you to their website. They may then add compulsory charges, or fees for items you expected to be included later on during the booking process.

Other more premium operators prefer to have a transparent strategy with more inclusions and exclusive add-ons. An example of this approach is shown below with the extras that Wilderness offers.

List of Wilderness' add-ons


Cost — VIP insurance option

Outdoor table and chairs




Snow chains


Child seat


SIM card


Unlimited WiFi

$15 per day

Bike rack 

$150 per hire

*As at June 2023


As you begin the process of booking a motorhome or campervan holiday, be aware that the lead-in price can influence which RV you hire. But it’s worthwhile comparing final rental prices after insurance, transfers, surcharges, fees and necessary add-ons are included. Take a deeper look into all the costs of a rental motorhome.

You may just find that a standard motorhome isn’t too different in price to a premium one.


Compare New Zealand rental operators with our worksheet

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