No Road Unexplored on your New Zealand Motorhome Holiday

If you’re looking to book your dream New Zealand campervan holiday, why limit how much of the country you can see? At Wilderness Motorhomes we don’t have road restrictions, so you’re free to explore all of New Zealand’s beautiful scenery, and not just the parts that you find along a sealed road.

That’s why we’re called Wilderness Motorhomes: we want to help you discover all of New Zealand’s wilderness! We don’t mind if you drive on gravel roads. Often, it’s these lesser-driven roads that will lead you to a remote golden sand beach, sweeping cliff-top views, or to the edge of lush native bush with just the sound of tui (a native New Zealand bird) singing in the trees above for company.

Our standard insurance will cover you on conservation campsite access roads and all other named roads (sealed or unsealed). You can even drive on ski access roads, making ski holidays on our spectacular mountain ranges even easier and more accessible. And with many other motorhome companies restricting access to these areas you won’t find yourself fighting for space to park!   

For Wilderness Reservations Manager Claudia Schoushkoff, the ‘no road restrictions’ policy at Wilderness is a big point of difference and a huge bonus for guests. In fact, her favourite motorhome spots are Port Jackson and Fletcher Bay at the very tip of the Coromandel Peninsula, places that are out of bounds for many other motorhome rental companies.

“I call it ‘Where heaven meets Earth’,” she laughs. “There are gravel roads that lead up to the DOC (Department of Conservation) campgrounds right at the beaches. You park the motorhome, put the camping chairs out and it’s just fantastic for views, swimming and relaxing. Many other rental motorhome companies won’t let you drive that in your campervan, but we do. We really are all about showing people the best places in the country, and that’s one of them.”

So, if you want to see all the wilderness that New Zealand has to offer, give our friendly reservations team a call today and find out how we can help you plan your ultimate New Zealand motorhome holiday.

Note: You won’t be covered under our insurance if you go ‘off-road’ by travelling on a beach, through a river or salt water, or on a road that is in such poor condition that it damages the motorhome. Read our insurance section for more information.


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