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Who says you have to choose between the wilderness and staying connected? Of New Zealand, two things are certain; the scenery is spectacular and there is plenty of it.Naturally, you’ll want to share and discover as much as possible during your trip. Without WiFi both of these tasks can become quite a chore, but now getting away from it all doesn’t mean you have to completely be off the grid. When you’re travelling in your motorhome away from home, staying connected allows you to comfortably research your next destination, keep up-to-date with the news back home and conveniently use other helpful travel apps to maximise your motorhome holiday.

That’s why we’ve introduced the option to add on unlimited WiFi in all our motorhomes.

The onboard router operates on a long-range Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) network, meaning you can connect to the Internet whenever you’re within range of a tower. With currently 480 towers nationwide, it seems to be pretty hard to drop out of coverage! The RBI also offers one of the best coverages compared to the other providers in New Zealand.

You can use any device that has inbuilt WiFi capacity and is within about 20 metres of the router. The router provides 4G or 3G broadband speeds which makes streaming music and videos, or just surfing the net, a non-issue. All of these onboard features, as well as the network, make this onboard WiFi a first-rate option for touring New Zealand.

Pretty impressive right? We thought so too and had our Reservations Leader, Claudia Opper, put it to the test.

‘From setting up our devices to the onboard router, to having Internet coverage even in the most rural and small town communities, it impressed us more than other WiFi solutions we’ve had in the past.’

‘We were driving through Tongariro National Park and dropped out of cellphone coverage, but we still had Internet coverage, so we could still listen to our road trip playlist on Spotify and use the GPS on our phone, without having to worry about taking the wrong turn.’

Claudia also remarked that the onboard WiFi added that extra luxury to motorhoming around NZ, conveniently allowing them to discover local quirks on their spontaneous stops. It also let them stay up to date with the current weather and road conditions, helping them to drive safe on New Zealand roads.

When asked about the speed, she commented, funnily enough, that she didn’t even notice. Just goes to show, that Internet speed is at its best when you don’t have to think about it!

Let’s face it, WiFi has become a part of our everyday lives. Now getting away from it all no longer means you can’t still check in on your friends and family back home; or at least make them jealous.

See our Extras & Accessories page for more information or if you already have a booking with us, click here to book your WiFi.

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