Biking in New Zealand

New Zealand is arguably the world's best cycling destination with rides to suit the most leisurely through to the most adventurous rider. This status has grown even further with the opening of cycle trails in the Government sponsored Nga Haerenga, New Zealand Cycle Trails network. These multi-day rides are aimed at both young and old and cover some of the most scenic spots in the country.

To take advantage of these new 'Great Rides', we offer bikes for rent with your rental motorhome. A bike and a campervan is an ideal combination for touring New Zealand. With a campervan, you get to explore numerous cycling trails and destinations during your stay and have the flexibility of always having your comfortable accommodation nearby. In busy tourist destinations like Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel, you can just park up at Hahei carpark and bike up to the trailhead! In towns and cities, park up your camper and explore by bike. You’ll see more, hear more and meet more people when you’re on your bike. Plus you’ll enjoy stretching your legs and cover a lot more ground than you would if you were walking.

The Trails

New Zealand has always been a great place to explore by bike. In fact, many would argue that New Zealand is the world's best cycling destination with rides to suit the most leisurely through to the most adventurous rider. Back country roads, off-road trails and quaint villages have beckoned two-wheeled explorers for years.

New Zealand’s reputation as the ultimate cycling destination had a huge boost in 2010. The Government began investing in new off-road cycle trails – they’ve spent more than NZ$100 million to date. Nga Haerenga, the New Zealand Cycle Trail is collection of rail trails and cycle paths set up to cater for cyclists. These trails and paths provide access to scenic landscapes in parts of the country previously inaccessible to most.

Until recently, the rail trails haven’t been terribly suitable for people touring by motorhome because you’d get to the end of the trail and have to turn around and ride back on the same trail to where you left your motorhome. Many of the new rail trails have commercial operators that will take your bike back to the start (for a fee) so you can do as little or as much riding as you like.

Short and Leisurely Rides

If shorter more relaxed rides sounds more like your style, then get yourself a copy of Short Easy Bike Rides. These leisurely rides are on traffic free routes and can all be completed in 1 - 3 hours at a leisurely pace. There are rides all over NZ. Each entry includes a map and many have cafe recommendations as well.