Fishing in New Zealand

New Zealand is the ultimate fishing destination with hundreds of miles of coastline and hundreds of rivers and lakes to tempt you. Whether it be game fish like marlin or tuna or freshwater fish like trout or salmon, you can be guaranteed an angling adventure to remember.

Just imagine crystal clear mountain streams and trophy size brown and rainbow trout waiting for you to tempt them with your fly. New Zealand fly fishermen use sight fishing - spotting fish and watching their every move. This is an exhilarating style of fishing as you become totally immersed in studying the stream and its elusive wild fish. Not only will you have the opportunity to hook a trophy trout, a fly fishing trip in the New Zealand back country will get you up-close and personal with some of our most spectacular scenery. Imagine yourself in a crystal clear stream surrounded by beech covered mountainsides tipped with glacial peaks quietly guiding a rainbow into your net.

Rental Campervan: Your Perfect Fishing Companion

Our campervans are perfectly suited for backcountry fishing excursions. All our campervans are certified for freedom camping (a legal requirement if you’re staying in the backcountry or any informal campsite). Here are a few other features you will be grateful to have:
  • A long-life power supply – Most campervans are designed to stay at a powered campsite so the batteries are charged each night. Wilderness campers have sufficient power to allow you to stay “off-the-grid” for several days on end.
  • Recharge your gadgets – You don’t need to be at a powered campsite to use the campervan’s power points for topping up your mobile phone, camera, or laptop.
  • Extra water storage
  • Plenty of internal storage – You’ll find enough space for your rods, waders, and tackle as well as all your other kit
  • Bathroom – All Wilderness campers have either a full ensuite bathroom or a portable camping toilet.
  • No road restrictions – Our insurance cover isn’t restricted to main sealed (bitumen) roads only.

Special Offer for Wilderness Fishermen (and Women)

The crew at Wilderness has teamed up with nzfishing.com to give you the best vehicle and the best information to get you into New Zealand’s best backcountry fishing locations. When you book a Wilderness motorhome for your fly fishing vacation, nzfishing.com will email you free copies of the e-travel guides for the regions you will be visiting (worth NZ$15 each). Just let us know your plans when you book your motorhome and we will arrange the e-travel guides for you.