Motorhome Parks

New Zealand is known for having some of the best holiday parks in the world. This style of camping shouldn’t be confused with ‘roughing it’ in the wilderness. In fact, staying at a typical New Zealand holiday park in your motorhome rental is more like ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) than camping. No need to sacrifice creature comforts or sleep (stay awake!) on rocky ground.

Most New Zealand holiday parks have been around for decades - set up to cater for the huge number of locals who long to pitch their tent for a couple weeks and enjoy their favourite summer pastimes with family and friends. Kiwi couples and families love to vacation at these holiday parks. So much so that camping rivals rugby as the national pastime.

New Zealand holiday park owners figured out a few years ago that if they also cater for the campervan market, they will get customers all year round and they get to meet lots of lovely international visitors as well.