Wild Camping

In a country where every corner brings something new and exciting, it’s not surprising that you will often find a campervan parked on a roadside, lakeside or beachside overlooking a stunning vista. You may even find them stopping overnight in such scenic locations. However, before you choose your camping spot it’s important to be aware of your responsibility to protect our country and to check if wild camping is permitted in your location.
A final thought on wild camping. We love to get off the beaten track and encourage you too as well. While we have a right to wild camp we also have an obligation to protect the environment. Both visitors and locals alike are charged with the responsibility of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship of the land). It’s New Zealand’s pristine landscapes that make it such a compelling destination to visit and treasured place to live. It’s in all our interests to safeguard that. Please take your time, respect the environment you share with us, and leave only footprints.