A Guide for Motorhome Rental Newbies

Compromise is a given. But how can you get the best motorhome holiday for you?

Our Wilderness motorhomes are different from most other rental fleets. We only have European designed and manufactured motorhomes that are less than three years old. We also have a different pricing structure and a unique focus on customer satisfaction. There's a lot of choice in the rental market so we've designed this guide to help demystify the offerings.

When deciding which motorhome rental is best for you, there are a few key things to consider. Because New Zealand rental motorhomes are typically less than 7.5 metres (24ft) long, you have to compromise. So think about what's important to you. Is it the bed configuration, living space, separate shower and toilet, or overall size of the motorhome for easy driving and parking? Then there's the extras - which do you want and which are you happy to forego. And then there's budget? Everyone wants value but what are the pitfalls for going with the cheapest? And last, what about customer service? Is it really going make that much of a difference to your holiday?