New Zealand in a German Rental Campervan!

A few weeks ago I attended the ‘Covi Motorhome Caravan & Outdoor Supershow’ in Auckland. I love motorhome shows. They’re a great way to see a whole range of different campervans and motorhomes, all in one place.

I love all the accessories and extras (my favourite this year: an inflatable spa pool!). And motorhoming people are a special breed: relaxed, friendly and always eager to share stories of their campervan exploits.

German rental campervans and why they are so good

This year I was particularly impressed with the Smart Motorhomes stand. Smart Motorhomes imports Buerstner motorhomes from Germany, and boy, do the Germans know a thing or two about building motorhomes. Buerstner, which is part of the Hymer group of companies, started building caravans 80 years ago, and has been building motorhomes for the last 25 years. Their range of motorhomes includes 51 different floor plans at the time of writing, and because they’re building for the European market, their motorhome designs have been tried and tested by lots of people so they can be sure they get it right.

One of the things that struck me most about these motorhomes was how much you get for your money. Perhaps due to the volume they’re producing for the European market, Buerstner packs a whole lot of features into a motorhome that would cost a fortune if it was produced by a New Zealand manufacturer.

The Wilderness Escape 4 rental motorhome

The good news for you is that Wilderness has now introduced Buerstner motorhomes into our rental fleet. So, you don’t need to actually buy one to enjoy all of the benefits! The first model we’ve introduced is called the Escape 4 (renamed from the original model name, Ixeo, because it's easier to pronounce). The Escape 4 has a sleek, eye-catching metallic paint exterior (no more motorhomes in white boxes!) and loads of special comfort features. The one I’m most excited about is the fact that there are not one, but two permanent beds! I’ve always found turning seating (or tables) into beds at the end of a day on the road a real hassle. The Escape 4 motorhome offers a dedicated bedroom space, with permanent bed and ‘real’ mattress, in the rear of the motorhome, and another double bed which cleverly slots into the ceiling cavity, meaning you can leave that made up the whole time too. No more fumbling to put the bed together at the end of the day - and easy to have a daytime nap too!

The bathroom of the Escape 4 is a whole new world for those used to a typical cramped rental motorhome bathroom. It has partitions so you can screen off the shower when you’re using it – no need to wipe the water off the loo after you shower! There’s a large mirror, and even storage for your bathroom items. They really have thought of everything.

Escape motorhomes are now available for rental from Auckland and Christchurch. I encourage you to try one, and see why German motorhomes are really in a class of their own!

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